It used to be that custom clothing was reserved for those with deeply-lined pockets. Celebrities, high-profile bankers and investors, royalty, and others who were just simply, well, rich enough to be able to afford clothes made just for them. Those who didn’t fall into this crowd settled for made to measure clothing or worse, off the rack. But custom clothes today have become far more popular, and that has helped make it more accessible to every man.

Today men demand only the very best within their wardrobes, and that’s one reason why custom clothes are becoming ever-more popular. But consumers are demanding it because more designers are offering it. With advances being made in technology all the time, and custom clothes no longer needing to always be hand-stitched, more designers are able to offer custom clothes. As more and more designers are able to offer this type of luxury mens clothing, they need to ensure that they’re also keeping their prices affordable. Otherwise, they’ll be priced right out of the market with so much competition.

At Harleys, we’ve always carried a full selection of designers offering custom clothes, and we continue to do so today. When you decide the time is right to make the switch and start wearing clothes in a way you never have before, we can help you make the right selection.

July 18, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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