Did you know that it wasn’t until the stars of Hollywood glamorized the short sleeved sports shirt in the 1950s that men would bare their arms in the summertime at all? And that it’s a style that’s still slow to catch on with many men today? Men often don’t want to ruin the look of their other designer menswear with a sloppy short-sleeve look, and even with the best mens sportswear, the fashion just didn’t seem to fit. It only takes a few quick tips though and you can stay cool throughout even the hottest summer day.

Firstly, leave the t-shirts for underneath your mens sports shirts. Choosing a shirt that has some kind of buttons, whether they be just two at the top or a full button-down shirt, will ensure that your look is off to the right start; and that you look sleek, not sloppy.

Next, know what kind of cotton to look for. The whole point after all is to keep you cool, so you don’t want to be left sweltering under heavy fabric. Opt for poplin cotton rather than twill or Oxford, as it’s much lighter and breathes much better. Also don’t be afraid of linen. These can look especially sharp, and aren’t as challenging to care for as you think.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to inject personality. Short-sleeved sports shirts are meant to look a bit more casual so dress it up with plaid prints, solids and stripes, micro-checks or ginghams. Anything is up for grabs with this style of shirt, so let your creativity run loose!

July 18, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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