It’s a dilemma that many men run into at some point in their lives. You have an event to attend that’s going to have a formal tone to it, but it won’t be a super formal event that calls for a wedding tuxedo Southern Wisconsin, or tails. So, what are you to wear?

A good suit made from a luxury mens clothing line is the first order of business, for any event that is even remotely formal. But different suits portray different things; and the one you wear every day won’t be the same one you wear when attending upscale business events. So how do you know what to where, and when?

When you need a more casual suit, for going to work or church on the weekend, choose one that has fewer buttons and are lighter in color. Patterns and prints can also give off a more casual feel, but be careful with these. If you go too wild, you won’t pull off the look you’re striving for. If you need the look to be even more casual than this, such as for a barbecue or when attending a family dinner, wear it without the jacket, take the tie off, and unbutton the top button of your shirt.

When you need a formal look choose dark, solid colors; classic ties; and formal shoes. Wearing the jacket buttoned will also make it look more formal.

Whatever kind of suit you need, make sure you come to Harleys to get it. We are the experts in metro Milwaukee mens formalwear, and we can help you match your suit to your event!

August 12, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Suiting Tuxedo

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