You’ve invested in the best names in jeans, such as Hugo Boss and AG Denim for Men. But unfortunately, owning a top-quality pair of denim doesn’t mean that you’ll never have to make minor repairs, or have them tailored at times. So, how do you know that your jeans need some extra attention? Here are some clear-cut signs.

You may think that frayed bottoms are helping you pull off that deconstructed look, but truthfully they only look sloppy and oversized. If your pants are fraying at the bottom, it’s time to take them in and take them up. Want to buy pants that won’t fray in the first place? Remember that jeans need to be longer than dress pants, but shouldn’t sweep across the floor. Instead, they should just barely touch the floor, when you’re not wearing shoes.

Baggy thighs are another indication that your jeans need tailoring, as this can also make them look sloppy. Plus, they can really hide your build when you’ve been working hard just so you can show it off! Make sure that there’s only one inch or less between your thighs and the fabric of the jeans. If there’s any more, it’s time to go get them tailored.

In addition to your pants being too big, they can also be too small; and there are indications other than a too-tight waist to tell you. One sign is that your pockets are bulging out at the sides, making the overall look lumpy and ill-fitting.

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs with your jeans, bring them in to us here at Harleys. We are the Agave Denim specialist, and we have an in-house tailor too!

November 28, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Denim

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