Do you want a pair of jeans that will feel as comfortable as the ones you grew up in, yet provide a more sophisticated look, for the more sophisticated you? Today’s fashion denim for men is all about combining comfortable with class, and turning regular old jeans into some of today’s best luxury mens clothing.  And there are few that are better at it than Agave Denim.

Agave Denim is the brainchild of Jeff Shafer, creator, CEO, and designer of Agave Denim. Jeff takes his inspiration from the Agave plant. Like the jeans, this plant is native to the United States, and is grown in the southwestern region of the country. The magic of the plant can be found in its leaves, which are huge and thick, and nearly indestructible. These were the same qualities Jeff wanted in his jeans; and so he not only creates the jeans from the plant material, but named them after it, too.

But Jeff knows that jeans cannot be made from Agave alone, and that’s why when he set about searching for other materials, sustainability was at the top of his mind. He wanted to use other plants, like the Agave, that would promote stateside production while remaining environmentally-friendly. It was for this reason that he decided to also use hemp and recycled cotton in his jeans.

Wearing Agave Denim means wearing some of the finest-quality jeans you can buy. But it also allows you to show how you want only the very best – for you, and for the Earth. And when you need to find your next pair, you need to come see us at Harleys, the Agave Denim specialist!

November 30, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Denim

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