Many people have heard the name Ermenegildo Zegna before, but aren’t really aware of what sets this designer label apart from any other. Sure the clothing looks good, and definitely very stylish, but what’s different about this luxury mens clothing?

Ermenegildo himself says “fabric is the underlying factor.” This is the difference, and this is why while you may be able to tell a difference in looking at a Zegna suit, you just can’t quite put your finger on it. But once you do, you’ll feel the soft luxurious material, and understand exactly why Zegna is different.

Zegna material is all hand-picked, fully canvassed, the cut and sewn by hand. This allows there to be as little stress on the fabric as possible, and allows for the tailors and craftsmen to give each piece their complete attention and focus, and every ounce of their passion. Each Zegna suit is made with over 33,000 stitches, and takes a team of craftsmen over 18 hours to complete.

All of this, just so that the material can maintain its high quality that allows it to drape and hang nicely, as well as feel soft and luxurious to anyone lucky enough to touch it.

When trying to decide just what it is that makes Zegna clothing so special, it’s impossible to nail it down to just one thing; but there’ s no denying that the materials used and the passion they have are definitely big contributors. When you want to know even more about what makes this designer so special, come see us at Harleys. We are a Zegna specialty store and we’ll be able to show you ourselves why this brand is so unique, and show you our latest Zegna collections as well!


December 20, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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