Five pocket trousers are becoming some of the most popular pants you could wear any time of the year. They come with all kinds of practical features that can place them among the best mens sportswear, but they’re very fashionable too, making them also some of the best in luxury mens clothing you could choose.

Five pocket trousers are just that – trousers equipped with five pockets. The standard two on both the front and back are still there, but there’s an additional pocket on the side of one leg that typically sits just around the knee. Initially these pants were designed for very practical purposes and were popular among hikers, contractors, and other men that had a need for pockets to hold all of their small but essential items. Sometimes these pants can even be unzipped at the knee, allowing you to switch easily over to shorts when the weather gets warm.

Once the trend caught on though, everyone wanted a pair of five pocket trousers and today, they’re in high demand in designer menswear. So how do you choose a pair that’s right for you?

Look for a pair of twill or cotton five pocket pants, as wearing this style in denim really will just make you look like a carpenter. Also make sure that you choose a looser fit, as the skinny look doesn’t pair well with these types of trousers. Lastly when trying to find the right five pocket pants for you, come see us at Harleys. We are the experienced mens apparel store, and we can help you select a pair you’ll love for years to come.


July 18, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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