VK Nagrani Socks Show the Perfect Amount of Personality


The key to pulling off a bold fashion statement is degree—too much flair can turn you into a clown, but just enough will make you look like a sartorial ace. There are a lot of ways to achieve this balance, but one of the easiest is to sport statement socks, and we especially recommend VK Nagrani, a line of luxury hosiery for men.

VK Nagrani is known for socks in bright orange, electric blue, paisley, stripes, polka dots and argyle (to name a few). These colors and patterns may sound peacock-ish, but the beauty of socks is that they come in small doses—a flash of ankle here, a slightly raised pant-leg there.


It’s a perfectly measured spice, if you will.

vk nagrani 2

Now, before you dismiss such socks as “not for you,” let us just say that you’d be surprised at how many men want to add a pinch of unbridled personality to their look. In an article published on the Daily Beast, Nagrani told the story of an early customer, President George H. W. Bush:


“He’s a huge fan. Just over ten years ago he got a couple of pairs for Christmas. He was so impressed by the socks that he invited me through my client to come and visit him. I got a chance to see this man in his office and present him with these socks. I took all these conservative socks and a handful of wild ones. He grabbed all the wild ones.”


If this isn’t proof that every guy—and we mean every guy—has an inner sartorial peacock, then we don’t know what is.


Most guys are shy about showing off their wilder side. And with good reason. If done wrong, you could look like a total clown. But again, the beauty of socks is that they provide just the right amount of flare. An ankle’s worth is all you need.


In addition to personality, fun socks demonstrate a high level of self-care. “America has been in a dress up cycle for the past several years, and men today pay attention to the little things. Not only does he want a trim suit with clean lines—he considers the buttons on the jacket and the feel of a fabric. And of course, he wants nice socks,” explains Tim Ryan, president and CEO of Harleys the Store for Men. “He knows nice socks separate the excellent dressers from the good dressers.”

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Ryan also notes that the way suits are made today—more tailored and with less severe pant breaks—is another reason men are demanding better-looking ankle coverage. “Pants no longer hide your socks entirely,” he says. So in response, guys are (thankfully) replacing their white, nubby Hanes with classy hosiery.


Speaking of class—it isn’t just the designs that make VK Nagrani hosiery sophisticated. It is also the high quality craftsmanship. As a testament to their quality, read Esquire’s David Granger’s piece on VK Nagrani (summary: he calls them “the world’s best dress socks”).


Come see our full selection of VK Nagrani hosiery at Harleys in Shorewood, Wisconsin. Find us here.


May 28, 2015 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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