A nice suit is a must-have, especially for a young guy just entering into the professional world here in Shorewood or Milwaukee. The problem, however, is that not all rookies start out with a “nice suit”-level salary. Enter Strong Suit, an affordable brand that neither breaks the bank nor skimps on quality.


For instance, Strong Suit jackets are canvassed in the chest area, which forms to the wearer’s figure over time. This is a feature rarely found in suits under $1,000, explains Tim Ryan, president and CEO of Harleys the Store for Men. “Strong Suit is a pioneer in this way—they’re making luxury quality suits and selling them in the three digit, rather than the four digit, range,” Ryan says.

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While Strong Suits’ sticker prices are appealing, their aesthetic is too, if not more so. “It’s definitely modern, with a bit of the Italian nonchalant ‘sprezzatura’ look, which is all younger guys want nowadays. And the older guys are warming more and more to it, too,” Ryan says.

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[Photos of looks from their 2015 Spring Collection]


Suits a bit more raffish than your grandfather would wear are becoming the norm nowadays, partly because suits are more of a want than a need, especially among younger shoppers. So when a guy goes to buy a suit, it’s important that it expresses his personality and sense of style.

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We totally get it, and it’s why we proudly sell Strong Suit. We also believe that all men, regardless of their tax bracket, should be able to wear a high-quality, good-looking suit.


Looking for your strong suit? Find it by coming into our store. Find us here.


May 31, 2015 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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