You don’t have to forget about Hugo Boss or Robert Graham altogether, but sometimes it’s nice to have new designer menswear to add to your wardrobe. This fall is the perfect time to add a few pieces of Vince.

Vince may be a new name to you, but they’ve actually been in business since 2001, when Christopher LaPolice and Rea Laccone, founders of the former Laundry line, decided to take a new approach to fashion. They wanted to bring men and women both fashionable designs that you’d see on all the global runways, but without the huge price tags. What comfort food does for the dinner table, Vince wanted to do for the wardrobe. And that they have.

Men and women can both find shorts, cords, dresses, pants, jackets, and knitwear from Vince, and they’ll find that every single piece is pure comfort. However, among all their pieces it’s still the designer’s signature cashmere sweater that remains their most popular. This sweater is available in a huge variety of colors (32 to be exact,) has a perfectly formed V-neck, front zip, hood, rolled hem, and slanted pockets. If there’s any piece you need for fall and you’re just starting to venture into the world of Vince, this is the piece you need!


August 14, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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