Two buttons and flat fronts are still the most preferred choice when choosing from the best mens suits Milwaukee. But why is that? Because they simply hold so many benefits over the traditional three buttons with pleated pants.

Pleated trousers are now giving way to flat front pants, as this latter type provides for that sleek and sophisticated silhouette that men today are looking for. Because flat trousers don’t have those lines at the waistband to create pleats, they bring a cleaner look to the entire suit. Flat front trousers will still have the side-seam press (that crease straight down the middle) so you don’t have to worry about looking too sloppy, or as though you’ve opted out of formal trousers.

As for buttons, choosing two over three has many benefits for both style and comfort. Firstly, they’re the most stylish and in keeping with the clean and sleek style men are often striving for. Secondly however, they can also help keep a look a bit more casual because the entire suit is then looser and more open. In addition to that, two button suits can also help you better show off your favorite mens fashion accessories, such as your tie.

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August 14, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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