Sometimes, a man needs to make a statement with his wardrobe. But, making a bold statement with clothing can be tricky. With the myriad of prints, colors, textures, and prints out there, often of questionable quality and fit, it can be hard to make a statement and not look like a…well…you know what.

Here at Harleys, we understand the need to offer items that allow a man to make the right statement. That’s why we carry Robert Graham, an eclectic collection of menswear of the highest quality (a Robert Graham dress shirt, for instance, has a classic fit and its detailing is superb). Because of the quality alone, Robert Graham should be a staple in every Shorewood man's closet.

But what is most desirable about Robert Graham, however, is that the collection shows no fear in the face of neon yellow, paisley, houndstooth, electric blue, lavender, or the oft-debated pink (which, given the aforementioned mix, feels surprisingly conservative). And while the collection mixes an array of patterns, textures, and saturated tones in a way that is fashion-forward, it is never over the top (so you can wear pink and still feel like a man). This perfect balance has created many raving fans among our clients throughout Shorewood and Milwaukee.

So maybe you always wanted to try a bolder hue, or reinvigorate that old gray suit with a pop of color under the collar. Or if you feel like taking a risk and making a statement, Robert Graham is the way to go. Fashion, when done well, is an expression of who we are, what we value, what we want to tell the world about ourselves.

There is a great quote from Gabrielle Bernstein, a self-help guru and author, that illustrates this point in December 2013 issue of Elle magazine: “I see fashion as a way to share your authentic truth. It’s not frivolous; it’s not mere decoration—fashion, in the right hands, has a soul. It’s a way to express ourselves not dependent on a label or a price—it’s about how what you’re wearing makes you feel. When you feel good in your clothes, the world picks up on your energy and what you feel is reflected back to you.”

So, feeling a little colorful? Come see us at Harleys in Shorewood for our wide variety of Robert Graham apparel.

December 20, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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