Think that getting a great shave only requires a mirror, a razor, and some shaving cream? Many men do, and that’s why eShave provides not only an entire line of proper shaving accessories, but also great shaving tips that will help you get that cleaner, closer shave you’ve been striving for. It’s all about preparing your skin, knowing how to shave properly, and taking care of your skin afterwards.

The best way to prepare your skin, and the unwanted hairs you’re about to shave, is to soften it. This is best done straight out of the shower, or after soaking your face with warm water for a few minutes before shaving. This softening step will ensure that less force needs to be used during shaving, and that you’ll suffer from fewer nicks and cuts, as well as make the entire process easier on your skin.

During the actual shave, it’s important to use a razor blade, rather than electric razors that simply pull the skin out slightly before cutting, and can be extremely irritating to the skin. Then using that razor blade, it’s important to cut first against the grain, to ensure the closest shave properly; and then cut with the grain to get an even closer and smoother shave.

Afterwards, an after-shave cream – not an astringent lotion that will further irritate the skin – is important. This will care for the facial skin that’s often the most sensitive, especially right after a shave. While lubricating and moisturizing the skin, this step ensures that you won’t have to think about the shave once it’s over, and will help to continue to prepare it for the next shave.

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November 20, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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