Many states in the country have now legalized pot, many for recreational use as well as for medicinal purposes. And while this has caused much debate around the country, it brings up another issue as well. Will hemp start replacing cotton as the main fashion denim fabric right here at home?

The chances are very good that it will. Outside of fashion denim for men, hemp has already started to be used in many different types of clothing including shirts, sandals, shoes, and more. But it’s not just because it’s really trendy or hip to wear hemp, it’s because growing hemp simply makes much more sense than it does to grow cotton.

That’s mainly because the cotton plant requires an enormous amount of water to grow properly. In turn, that costs farmers who grow it a good deal of money, and that cost is ultimately passed onto the customers after denim manufacturers such as Agave denim are left with few other choices. On the other hand, hemp requires half of the water to grow properly, and so in the end it is less costly for both farmers, manufacturers, and consumers.

Seeing hemp show up in our apparel certainly isn’t anything new. But those who aren’t used to wearing hemp or even the idea of it, might be surprised as we start to see the tides turn and continue to see more and more hemp end up in our fashion denim.

November 19, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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