In case you missed our older post on Shinola watches, and because these puppies are really hot right now, we thought we’d blog again about the Detroit-made watches that make telling time feel like an indulgence. You’ll happily roll up your sleeves for one of these bad boys.

First and foremost, these watches are beautiful. They are definitely big, as most are 47mm in diameter. But the heft is what tells you you’re wearing a well-made luxury watch. They come in a variety of styles from vintage to classic to sport, but all of them have a touch of preppy-ness. No matter the style though, a Shinola watch exudes sophistication and power.

Speaking of power, Shinola watches feature an Argonite movement. Movement—also know as a “caliber”—is the engine of a watch that powers it and all of its functions. The movement is what makes it tick, no pun intended. It is a distinctly American movement and will keep the watch ticking for life.

So this summer, when you roll up your sleeves to beat the heat, make sure you have something worth looking at on your wrist.

Come into Harleys today and sample these exceptionally beautiful timepieces by Shinola. Find us here.

May 07, 2015 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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