A belt has the very important job of holding up your pants, so you need to wear a good one. We recommend W. Kleinberg, a Georgia-based leather goods manufacturer who we absolutely trust to keep our britches in place. All of their belts are well-made, will last a lifetime, and ooze sophisticated.

Kleinberg sources their leather from various locations in the United States, sends it to Europe for tanning and glazing and then makes the final product in Georgia. They construct their alligator belts primarily from belly strips of the gator, which means that the leather is one long high-quality piece (good), instead of several pieces stitched together (not as good).

What is also good about W. Kleinberg is that they make an array of styles, so whether you’re conservative or have the heart of a peacock, there is a belt for you. For example, in addition to alligator, their leather belts are made from exotic skins such as lizard, shark, ostrich, python, crocodile and bison. For hardware, they feature real .925 sterling silver belt buckles that come in five different widths and numerous shapes and styles ranging from classic to flashy.

To W. Kleinberg, holding your pants up isn’t just a practical matter—it’s a stylish one too.

To see our entire selection of W. Kleinberg belts, come into the store today. We are located here.

May 05, 2015 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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