Dressing well doesn’t mean wearing suits 24/7. There’s got to be a little room in your closet for fun.

At Harleys, we carve out space for Psycho Bunny, an English line of men’s sportswear. And despite the name, the brand is anything but crazy. Rather, they make fine clothes that a guy can relax in without compromising on style or quality.

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They make excellent graphic tees, sweaters and scarves, which we carry here at Harleys.


The tailoring is English (read: high quality) and many of their designs are American (read: bold), which make for luxurious every day clothes that you’ll wear again and again.


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The English-American combo is a direct reflection of the brand’s two founders: Robert Godley, a Brit, and Robert Goldman, an American. Godley and Goldman launched Psycho Bunny in 2005 with an envelope-pushing tie, which featured their now-famous skull-and-crossbones rabbit logo.


Today Psycho Bunny is a worldwide lifestyle brand and they make everything from t-shirts to bathing suits. We’re proud to carry their clothing here in Shorewood.


Come see our full selection of Psycho Bunny apparel today. Find us here.

September 26, 2015 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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