Bold statement shirts aren’t for every guy. We know. We proudly sell Robert Graham, but we also understand the terrified look on a guy’s face when he sees contrasting paisley and stripes on a dress shirt. It’s not that these men are boring, though. They just prefer a more measured approach to statement pieces. So for these guys, we suggest VK Nagrani socks.

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They have all the personality of a paisley shirt, but in a more palatable dose. You can wear a pair of, say, blue and red striped socks, with a charcoal grey suit and they’ll add a gentle pop to an otherwise ordinary outfit.


“Socks only show when you sit down or cross your legs,” explains Tim Ryan, president and CEO of Harleys for Men. “So, statement socks add personality but doesn’t over do it. Also, that little pop adds a level of sophistication and attention to detail to your look. It shows you know how to take care of yourself.”


So, gentlemen, if you’re looking for that middle ground between a monochrome ensemble and a wild peacock costume, come check out Harleys’ enormous selection of socks by VK Nagrani. They run the gamut from simple stripes to paisley perfection, so we’re sure we have a pair that suits you.


Come into Harleys today for our over-the-top, cream-of-the-crop selection of VK Nagrani socks. We’re located here.



September 26, 2015 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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