Thought that skinny ties were taking over the world of mens fashion accessories? Well it may seem that way but just like many trends, this is starting to fade out as men realize that they don’t always want their neckwear to dominate the rest of their outfit. So what other neckwear trends can you carry through the autumn season?

The biggest way you can be sure to stay in style with your neckwear this year is to make sure it’s a great name you’re wearing. Zegna, David Donahue, Dolce Punta, and Geoff Nicholoson are some of the best names in men’s neckwear and no matter which style, pattern, or color you choose, you’ll always know you’re wearing the best when you choose one of these names.

That being said, solid colors are really big this fall, as men continue to look for the simplest styles that say the most about them. Solids look great when you’re wearing a standard blue, black, or grey suit; but they can also help bring balance to busy plaids or ginghams, and they can also allow you to play around with color in other areas of your wardrobe where they may be more appreciated, such as pairing a white necktie against a pink button-down shirt.

When you’re thinking about the neckwear you’re going to wear this season, there’s no reason to lose your head. Remember that simple is usually best, and that’s certainly true when it comes to neck ties this fall.

September 18, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Accessories

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