The show “Mad Men” has brought 1960s style back to the forefront, and it’s making every man take a second look at what’s in their closets. While grey and fairly conventional, any man can tell after just a quick glance that these still aren’t the flannel grey suits that their dads wore. So what’s different, and how can you achieve the look?

These classic mens suits Milwaukee were first popularized by big name designers such as Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren; and it’s these companies today that are helping bring them back. These suits are still thick in the shoulders, which makes them perfect for the fall months, but they also have a tapered waist that helps give them some of that modern skinny look without being overtly urban chic. The jackets on these suits are also a bit longer, providing for the longer and leaner silhouette.

The one thing you won’t find on these “Mad Men” suits are one of the most popular trends today in mens fashion accessories, and that’s the skinny tie. While skinny ties have their look and place, it should never be with one of these suits. Today’s standard ties are already narrower than their counterparts of the past, without being overly trendy; and it’s this type of tie that will bring the entire look together.

Whether you want to look like a Mad Man, or just want to dress in a way that’s comfortable and boasts of classical style, come see us at Harleys today. We have a number of these suits in stock, and from just about every designer that offers them. Come see what we have today, and start dressing a little “Mad” tomorrow!

September 18, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Accessories

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