In the mid-1990s, Johan Lindeberg was working as the marketing director for the very popular denim brand, Diesel. But, Lindeberg became increasingly frustrated over the fact that he had tons of great designs of his that he was unable to bring to this already established brand. So, in 1996 he resigned from Diesel and set out to make his own fashions under the name J Lindeberg.

But Johan’s visions included more than just fashion denim for men and performance golfwear. He also had a unique vision for his brand – making it international from the start, and opening two different offices in two different parts of the world at the exact same time. That’s just what he did, opening both a store in Stockholm, Sweden and in Manhattan, New York. Johan put everything he had into the business, including every last cent of his. With himself as Creative Director, Johan also recruited some of the best designers in the business, including Roland Hjort from renowned Swedish brand H&M.

Today, J Lindeberg is still known as some of the finest luxury mens clothing, and the name has even made its way into the PGA. James Heath, Jesper Parnevik, Aaron Baddeley, and Richard Johnson have all been known to sport the Lindeberg name while hitting the green!

September 06, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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