Even just fifty years ago if you thought of a man in a suit, you were likely to imagine an older man in a three-piece suit that exuded the utmost in formality and professionalism. This was because back then, suits didn’t come in as many different shapes, styles, and patterns as they do today. And with so many different options, younger men – even young men in their teen years – are now catching on to the latest trends and really changing mens suits Milwaukee.

It was the dot-com era that changed the way young people looked at luxury mens clothing, and started to realize it was okay to turn away from the ‘stodgy’ suits they were used to seeing as they grew up. Trendier sweaters started to take the place of suit jackets, ties became the emphasis of outfits, instead of holding their traditional role as just mens fashion accessories, and men started wearing sneakers to work with their suits.

Today, those young men have carried on with this emerging trend, and men just starting to become interested in high style are also starting to catch on. Designers are keeping up, providing narrower pants, skinnier jackets, and even pants with high ankles that show a man’s ankles. The fact that young celebrities such as David Beckham are also making a name for themselves in the fashion world only furthers this trend and gives it momentum.

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June 11, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Suiting

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