A handsome suit is three things: it fits like a glove, the fabric is luxurious and it sends the message you want, e.g. I’m powerful, I’m unique, or I’m ready to party.

This trifecta can be difficult—if not impossible—to achieve with an off-the-rack suit from a department store. The best way to get the suit you desire is to have it made to measure by Trands, one of the top custom clothing makers in the world.


Lucky for you, we carry Trands right here at Harleys.


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Having a suit (or shirt—Trands makes it all) made to measure by Trands allows you to nail the fit (we take approximately 15 measurements), choose the fabric and be as nit-picky as you want about little details like buttons and vents.

(Fun fact: Trands is the only suit choice for billionaire Warren Buffet. In 2009 the company released a video in which Buffett praises the brand and says he’s thrown away all his other suits and only wears Trands. How’s that for an endorsement? Buffet has no investments in the company.)

Trands is as much about quality as they are individuality. They pride themselves on creating clothing that expresses who the wearer is, in every thread and button. This is why they offer a plethora of fabrics for you to choose from, and a vast variety of suit detail options.


Trands has made exquisite clothing for many of the world’s most powerful men including, (as mentioned) Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and former Chinese president Hu Jintao. See photos of Trands on the runway (and on Warren Buffet!) in this WSJ.com article…


Come check out Trands made-to-measure clothing options at Harleys today. Your perfect suit awaits.


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June 22, 2015 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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