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Groom in Style this Summer with eShave Products

Groom in Style this Summer with eShave Products
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Guys, warm weather is here in Shorewood, Wisc., so you’re likely doing one of two things with your face right about now. One, you’re letting the beard fly because hey, it’s nearly summer; or two, you’re keeping your skin squeaky clean for added heat relief. 

Whatever you’re doing, Harleys has the products you need to keep your facial hair in shape. We carry a full suite of products from eShave, a line of high-quality grooming products for the modern man. We’ve got razors, brushes, creams, aftershaves, oils, lotions and more.

What we love about eShave is that has modernized your grandfather’s grooming routine, and reignited appreciation for the luxury of badger-hair shaving brushes and single-blade razors.

Their thick creams and soft brushes will turn your morning shave into a soothing, luxurious, experience. And when you feel good, you look good. (You’ll also just look good thanks to eShave’s great products).

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 8.59.54 PM

Speaking of soothing, since it’ll be summer soon, you’ll likely be exposing yourself to the elements—sun, water, sand—which are great for the soul but can irritate the skin. Keep it happy with eShave’s soaps and soothing lotions.


eShave products come in several manly scents, including verbena lime, white tea, orange sandalwood, cucumber, lavender and almond. They also have fragrance-free for the manliest of men out there.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 9.01.50 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 9.02.08 PM 

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eShave’s products are available right here at Harleys, so come by and pick some up. We are located here.


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