Best mens sportswear and casual men’s shirts will always be some of the most popular trends during the spring and summer months; but there’s another style that will also have its place – fashion denim for men. So what are the
biggest trends in men’s denim this year?

Deconstruction is still very big this year, and you’ll see it go far past the faded thighs and creased pocket areas. Larger holes, often quite frayed and dispersed throughout, are some of the biggest looks; and these are creeping over to denim jackets – another big trend of the year. With cut collars, and sometimes missing them altogether, now you can wear your favorite denim look in just about any piece of clothing that you choose.

Hugo Boss has even begun offering jeans with bleached-out designs made to make the jean have a more worn-in look; but you can also find sophisticated and understated styles from this designer as well. With crisp cuts, and everything from dark to light colors, Boss is still one of the top names you can find when it comes to men’s denim.

In both styles you can also find full pant-length jeans, shorts, and capris too. Find the look that’s right for you and know that whatever you choose, you’ll look great and in keeping with some of the biggest fashion denim trends of the season!


May 15, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Denim

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