There are many ways to stay cool in the summer heat, and many of them sit right in your wardrobe. Sandals are the mens fashion accessory of choice in the summertime, and there are tons of great options in mens sportswear right now, as well. But whether you’re looking for a business casual dress shirt or performance golfwear, one of the best ways to keep cool is with moisture-wicking fabrics. Here’s how to choose them.

Moisture-wicking fabrics come in three basic fabrics: synthetics, wool, or silk. Synthetics and wool are the superior choices when it comes to moisture-wicking capabilities, while silk will wick the moisture away quite a bit more slowly. However, synthetic garments wick moisture away from the skin and then spread it throughout the garment’s surface to evaporate. Wool on the other hand, absorbs the moisture and then gradually releases it. Because of that, synthetic fabrics are often quicker to dry than wool.

Surprisingly, while silk may feel delicate, it actually has an amazing capability to trap in heat and warmth. This makes silk moisture-wicking fabrics better suited for cooler weather, as synthetic fabrics can actually make a person chilly on a cold day as the moisture sits within the actual material of the fabric.

Moisture-wicking fabrics are some of the best ways to stay cool throughout the summer months. Choose the type of fabric you’re going to wear by determining how vigorous the activity is that you’ll be doing, and what weather you’re expecting along the way.

July 18, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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