With fall just around the corner, and already showing up in many parts of the country, Pantone – the organization responsible for revealing the Color of the Year in the fall months – has just released the palette best for men’s luxury clothing this year. So what did they have to say?

According to Pantone, this year it will be Deep Lichen Green; Emerald; Linden greens; Mykonos blue; Carafe (coffee-colored); Acai in deep purple; red-hot Sambas; Beaujolais (purple); Turbulence (dark grey); and Koi (bright orange) are the hottest colors of the season. But what does that mean for men, and how do you wear this wide range of colors?

If you want to pair two of these colors together, trousers and fashion denim for men are best left as neutral as possible, making Carafe, Turbulence, Linden Green, and Deep Lichen Green the best choices. To add a bit of pop to your look, any of the other colors will give you the brightness you’re looking for, and can pull together the entire ensemble. And if it’s best men sportswear that you’ll be wearing, think Turbulence or Carafe so you’ll blend in beautifully with the nature you’ll be surrounded in.

But blending in isn’t for everyone, so don’t be afraid to pair a bold Samba against an equally vibrant Koi; or wear that bright Mykonos Blue alongside something in a Deep Lichen Green.

Here at Harleys, we’re happy to tell you about all the colors of fall, as they’re determined by Pantone, or by you. Come see us today and check out all the wonderful colors we have for this season!

September 18, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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