The words “new,” “revolutionary,” and “innovative” are tossed around daily in the men’s fashion world, but truthfully, only every so often does a truly game-changing product appear.

One such Real McCoy is Wurkin Stiffs, a line of men’s accessories and travel gear. Harleys carries their collar stays, RFID wallets and new Doppel bags.

Wurkin Stiffs collar stays are nothing short of genius.

Wurkin Stiff collar stays are tiny magnets that go inside your shirt’s collar stay insert. They allow you to not only sharpen your collar, but also adjust its height and spread.

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They’re brilliant, really. Unlike cheap plastic collar stays, Wurkin Stiffs are sturdy and offer real stand-up support. Meanwhile the magnet allows you to vary the shape of your collar, which you can’t do with a plain metal (non-magnetic) collar stay.

RFID wallets are great for traveling safely and fashionably.

Radio frequency identification, or RFID, is the wireless use of electromagnetic fields to transfer data, such as a credit card number or passport information. RFID technology makes it makes it easy to pay for things, but it also makes it risky to travel, since anyone with an RFID scanner can lift your information. RFID wallets prevent third parties from scanning your sensitive information by blocking unwanted scanners.

But enough scary talk. Check out these great looking wallets:

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There are many RFID wallets out there, but few look as good and work as well.

Silicone Doppel bags are the new way to travel.

Another great item for guys on the road is Wurkin Stiffs’ Doppel bag.

There’s no safer place to pack your toiletries than inside this 100% silicone bag. It’s leak resistant and easy to clean, so if anything explodes, it’ll stay in the bag and away from your clothes. To wash it, just rinse it in the sink and let it air dry.

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It’s also really good looking and fun to touch. In case you were wondering.

The Doppel bag comes in gray with a red zipper (pictured above), black with a red zipper, navy with a white zipper, and solid blue, red, and yellow.

Come into Harleys today to get your hands on these amazing Wurkin Stiffs products.

June 14, 2016 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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