When it comes to buying grooming products, you could go to those big box stores and department stores to buy the same old thing that everyone else is using. But you know that your wardrobe is a bit more polished and sophisticated, so why shouldn’t your shaving products be as well? That’s how we think here at Harleys, the experienced mens apparel store, and it’s why we offer an entire line of grooming items for your personal use. And of course, they’re only the best.

That line is eShave shaving products, and it’s an entire collection that takes care of you and your skin before, during, and after that initial shave. eShave really is the expert in men’s shaving, and they have everything from razors to brushes to lotions and after shave oils and creams that will keep your skin feeling oh-so-soft. Because they have products for each stage of the shave, eShave also sells kits and shaving sets that will get you started and save you from having to buy each piece individually.

When you’re tired of only being able to buy anything the major manufacturers are willing to throw at you, come in and see us at Harleys. We’re not just about the finest apparel in Wisconsin, we’re about keeping you looking good from head to toe – and that includes your shaving products!

November 19, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Grooming

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