Want to wear expert mens fashion Milwaukee this summer, even when the event doesn’t require metro Milwaukee mens formalwear? Then you need an unstructured jacket!

An unstructured jacket is just that. It’s a jacket that doesn’t have the lines or the shape of a traditional suit jacket, so that it can hang more loosely and more casually. This effect is achieved by eliminating the lining that is typically found inside sports and suits coats.

Unstructured jackets can also be paired with anything from trousers to chinos, and even with shorts! Because unstructured jackets don’t have the stiff look or feel of those suit jackets you’re wearing into the office, they can be worn with just about anything. And they’ll keep you more comfortable while wearing them.

Some have actually compared this type of jacket to the V-Neck sweater. V-necks are so often the one men go to when they need a more casual look but don’t want to look messy, because they go with everything and can be worn anywhere. Unstructured jackets are like that too, but you can wear them all year long.

So where can you find the best unstructured jackets? Right here at Harleys! The designers we work with have full selections of unstructured jackets this season, including Robert Graham, Ingram, and JKT.


June 18, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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