When it comes to choosing your better menswear Shorewood, you need only the finest mens suits Milwaukee. While you may think that the designer, the cut, and the material will determine whether or not you get the best suit (and you’d be right!) there’s something else you need to consider as well – and that’s the color of the suit that you’re going to be wearing.

When many people talk about the color of the suit, they generally glaze over the topic by telling you to wear the color you feel most comfortable in. That’s good advice, and you should never wear anything you’re not happy with. But if there’s a particular statement you’re trying to make, or a particular tone you’re trying to exude, the color of your suit will have a lot to do with it. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular colors, and what they’ll say about you when wearing them:

  • Navy blue suits look very much like fashion denim for men, which is what makes them perfect when you’re trying to carry off the casual look, but the event is too formal or professional for actual jeans. The darker you go with blue, the more formal you get so  be careful if you’re strictly going for casual.
  • If you want to go even more casual, or have a summer or spring event, a linen or khaki suit is a great choice. The color here will still range, as both colors have a wide range of hues; but this will definitely pull off the “elegant garden party” look, without being too formal.
  • Charcoals and blacks are often grouped together, but they have very different purposes. Black suits are typically reserved for formal occasions and for professional environments. Charcoals are the most formal of the light colors, but still don’t exude the formality of black suits.

Sometimes opting for the suit color that fits your mood is the best way to go. But when you're trying to make a particular statement and need to know how to dress for an occasion, the color of your suit says a lot!


June 11, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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