Better menswear Shorewood, when it comes to wearing suits today, means wearing a look that is slim and contoured. This design allows the suit to show off not only your style, but your shape, as well – no matter what that shape is. And when it comes to shape, many men are tempted to think only about the shape their jacket will bring, and give little thought to the pants. If you neglect it though, wearing the wrong fit of pants could throw the entire look off balance.

The first rule in today’s luxury mens clothing is that pants should have a flat front. This means that they shouldn’t have any pleats or tucks in the front, and they are also often pocketless and even seamless. All of this allows the pant to lie closer to the body, enhancing that overall sleek design.  Of course, all of this won’t mean anything if you choose the wrong fit; and so you should look for slim-fitting pants. If the suit is casual or super trendy, you may even be able to get away with the skinny pant look, depending on your own style.

Pants should also have very little embellishments such as cuffs or excessive trim at the ankles. The clean break will come through in the sleek lines and produce a fresher all-around look. The ankle of the pants should also come right down to the shoe, but just skim the top of it – never bunching over top.

This super modern look in metro Milwaukee mens formalwear works especially well for the young working professional, or the creative types who like to show off how trendy they are, and how great it makes them look!

October 10, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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