When Jeff Shafer started designing his sophisticated and stylish collections in 2002, the idea of “going green” was not yet something that was nearly as trendy as it is today. Still, he knew how important it was to protect the environment, and leave as little a carbon footprint as possible – even when in the manufacturing business, a nearly impossible task. If there was anyone up for the task though, it was Mr. Shafer and with his Agave Denim designs he’s made fashion denim for men that speaks volumes for itself.

Agave Denim uses only 100% organic cotton in every pair of its jeans. This means that no pesticides or chemicals are used in the production or manufacturing of the jeans; making it better for the planet and softer on the skin, just as luxury mens clothing should be. During the manufacturing process, few chemicals are used on the material itself and those that are first must undergo a thorough screening process to ensure that harmful substances are kept to a minimum.

To make sure that they’re making up for whatever harmful impact they do have on the environment, each pair of Agave jeans also gives back. For each pair sold a portion of the proceeds go to Cool Green so that five trees can be planted, contributing to better air quality and a greener planet.

And, just to show that you’re really going green, Agave also ensures that each of their jeans is stitched with a bold green thread. So wherever you go, people will know you’re doing your part!

When it’s time for you to go green, and get a great addition to your wardrobe at the same time, come see us at Harleys. We are the Agave denim specialist and we can find the perfect fit for you!

September 08, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Denim

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