A battle occurs every winter—especially in Shorewood and the Milwaukee area—between style and inclement weather, with the former more often surrendering to practicality. But this need not always be the case. There is a way to dress as warm as a polar bear without looking like one, and it starts with a well-made coat with natural insulation.

Enter the Canada Goose parka, the king of extreme cold outerwear. With more than 50 years of scientific research behind its construction, premium down, and sleek aesthetic, a Canada Goose parka is the ultimate challenger to the Midwest winter.

All Canada Goose products are 100% made in Canada, i.e. by people who know a thing or two about the cold, and their coats are filled with premium down, which is something like three times warmer than synthetic insulation.

In fact, for most of its existence, Canada Goose has been the choice of arctic researchers and cold weather adventurists for outerwear, and only within the last few years or so has the brand become more mainstream. So, basically, if it is warm enough for the North Pole it is warm enough for Milwaukee.

But just because it is a favorite of researchers doesn't mean Canada Goose will make you look like a mad scientist. A Canada Goose jacket looks good, plain and simple. A sleek silhouette and minimal hardware define the brand’s aesthetic, so while it might not look as refined as your pea coat, it is still a far cut above your basic puffer jacket.

Of course, there are just some days when Mother Nature wins, no matter how much style you have. However, a Canada Goose coat is a strong contender against whipping wind and bone-chilling cold, and should be an item in every man's coat closet.

December 17, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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