A great wardrobe is founded on solid, trusty basics: the sweatshirt you confidently throw on to run to the store, the sweater you grab for an easy Sunday stroll, the simple black jacket you never tire of, despite having worn it a million times.


Harleys encourages every man to build a wardrobe on such pieces, but would like to point out that not all basics, despite their common basic-ness, are created equal. Some basics are, in fact, better than others.


And the best basics of all are, in our opinion, by Vince.

A snapshot of our Vince selection here at Harleys.

Vince excels at luxury essentials, and it’s our go-to brand for the things we wear every day, like tees, polos and jeans. Add light sweaters to that list now that fall is approaching.

Creating clothing that a guy can easily throw on and feel confident about has been Vince’s mission since it began in L.A in 2002 (Vince makes women’s clothing too, FYI). And though they are based in L.A., Vince clothing has a strong New York City feel. Dark colors, sleek silhouettes and minimal frills define their aesthetic.

But it’s not all moody and east coast. The brand’s L.A. influences are apparent in their endless henleys, baseball tees and pullovers.

We don’t know if the L.A. to N.Y.C. mixture was intentional, but we like the combination. It makes for clothing that’s casual but also sophisticated—a tad more elevated than your plain white tee.

For instance, look at the way they use patterns and textures. Instead of making, say, a plain gray sweater, they make a gray sweater but give it more visual interest with gentle textures and subtle, sometimes contrasting, patterns.


East coast palette meet west coast chill with the Wool Cashmere Engineered Stitch Hoodie Sweater. Image courtesy of Vince.com.


And when they mix it up with stripes, they keep it classy, not clownish.


Sporty Jaspé Colorblock Striped Henley Sweater. Image courtesy of Vince.com.


When you consider how hard it is to make basics that are both simple and exciting enough to impress, it’s not surprising that Vince went from selling its products only in department stores to being a global brand that sells in specialty stores around the world.


Lucky for you, Harleys is one of those specialty stores, and is, in fact, the number one supplier of Vince for Shorewood and Milwaukee.


Tim Ryan, president and CEO of Harleys, says Vince is perfect for the guy who cares just as much about his sweats as he does suits. “High quality shouldn’t be exclusive to bigger ticket items. A guy should feel good in everything from a three-piece suit to jeans, and Vince is that rare, high quality line of everyday wear,” he explains.


Ryan concludes: “Basics, if you do them right, aren’t just under shirts or even ‘building blocks.’ They are wearable pieces all on their own, which is essential to dressing well without putting in too much thought.”


Come see our full selection of Vince Fall/Winter 2015. We’re located here.

September 04, 2015 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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