Wearing a tie correctly is essential. This might seem like a small thing, but the devil is in the details. If it is too wide, you risk people addressing you as "Congressman," if it is too skinny, you may look pretentious. If the knot is too big, you'll look like you got dressed in the '90s. Here's a quick guide to wearing a tie the right way:

1. Length and width matter. A tie should always hit at your beltline, and be about two and a quarter to two and three-quarter inches at its widest point. Any wider, and you start to look like, as mentioned, a congressman.

2. Avoid the half Windsor. Giant knots look like you have a slice of pizza hanging from your collar. No bueno. Tip: stick with the four-in-hand. As Goldilocks would say, "not too big, not too small--just right." (Otherwise, don't take fashion advice from Goldilocks, FYI.)

3. Remember the dimple. Again, attention to detail matters. A tie dimple will take your tie from passable to polished. Here's how you do it: 1. When you're almost done tying your tie, press your thumb against your index finger just beneath the knot, so the fabric forms a crease. 2. Pull down the narrow end of the tie to tighten the dimple, and slide up the knot. 3. Finesse either side of the dimple to accentuate the fold and set it in place. Voilà, dimple.

4. Rock a bow tie.  Bow ties are no longer only for tuxedos and Pee-Wee Herman. Bow ties are cool. GQ calls the bow tie the, "dapper man's version of the skinny straight tie." A whole new generation of hip bow ties are emerging, like these by Carrot & Gibbs, which we have here in Harleys).

5. There is only one place for the tie bar. And that's between the third and fourth buttons of your dress shirt.

6. Never wear a tie bar wider than your tie. Just don't!

7. Finally, match your ties to your suiting fabrics. Cotton ties with cotton suits in summer, wool ties with wool suits in winter.

December 20, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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