An Eton shirt is one of the best dress shirts a man can own. There is just something about the way it feels against the skin, the way the collar stays crisp under a suit jacket or sport coat, and the always classic look that make Eton shirts irresistible. Addicting, even.

“Eton dress shirts are some of the best shirts on the market,” says Tim Ryan, owner of Harleys the Store for Men. “And they are one of our most popular brands in the store. Men like the comfort, the quality craftsman and the sophisticated aesthetic. We can hardly keep them on our shelves.”

Ryan offers his view on why Eton dress shirts are so popular. Interestingly, it’s not because they are trendy. “They don’t go overboard with patterns or super ridiculously slim fits. It’s safe to say Eton dress shirts aren’t trendy, but this is not a bad thing—it means they’re classic. And classic means you’ll always in style and always appropriate,” Ryan says.

Eton (pronounced “ee-tin”) was founded in 1928 in the small village of Gånghester, Sweden, and from day one it considered itself a “specialist shirt manufacturer.” Almost 100 years later, the company has gone from a village craftsman to a global titan in the shirt-making industry. However, they have held fast to the principles that made them successful in the first place: high quality fabric, first-rate craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

Learn more about the history of Eton here.

If there’s anything a guy should get addicted to, it’s high quality Eton dress shirts. Come fuel your habit at Harleys in Shorewood. Find us here.

March 18, 2015 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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