Surprisingly, by the time most young men go to prom, they’ve grown out of the phase of squirming uncomfortably when they’re all dressed up; and most look at this night as a time to dress up elegantly, and really put on a show for their date. But those same boys are still pulling and tugging at their collars on prom night, and there’s one reason for it – the bow tie. Bow ties are still the mens fashion accessories that cause the most angst, whether it’s because the wearer doesn’t know how to tie them, or because they don’t know which kind to get.

If you’re worried about your bow tie because you don’t know how to properly tie one, get yours from prom outfitters in Milwaukee that offers pre-tied bow ties. These bow ties are tied and set permanently, with a convenient clip that simply tucks under the bow in the front. These can be put on within seconds, and with no tying required.

But what color do you choose? If you know what color your date’s dress is, getting a bow tie that matches can look especially elegant. If you don’t know the color of her dress, or you feel that matching is too “cute,” black is always a simple and sophisticated color in bow ties. If you’re going solo and you really want to show off your personality, go with any color that you fancy and let your true colors shine. It is prom after all!

To most greatly reduce the stress you feel about your prom bow tie, get yours from a company that is an expert in mens fashion in Milwaukee, such as us at Harleys. We’ll help you with every aspect of your bow tie, and your tux too!


April 27, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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