DL1961 Jeans (Vince in Aston)

Every once in a while, someone makes the impossible possible. For example, DL1961’s X-Fit 4 Way Stretch denim, which DL1961 uses to make jeans that flatter every body shape. There is a whole science behind it, which we won’t bore you with, but basically, the denim contains the perfect amount of stretch so that it contours to the wearer—no matter who he is.

It’s like putting on a pair of jeans that were made just for you. They are known for supporting and accentuating in all the right places, and for being extremely comfortable. But don’t worry—the stretch doesn’t loosen drastically. In fact, a pair of DL1961s retains 90% of its shape. This is especially great if you are one of those guys who finds jeans he loves so much he rarely wears his other pairs. Wear away, my friend…

Also, because these jeans are so flattering, they have a reputation for looking sophisticated. You know when someone has a pair of jeans that, for whatever reason, just look better? These are those “je ne sais quoi” jeans.

They also ace the feel test. Many of their jeans are made with ProModal fibers, which even though I’m not entirely sure what that means, to be honest, it nonetheless makes their jeans soft and luxurious. The washes are awesome, too. See:

 Vince in Charger
 Vince in Diablo
 Vince in Woodhall
 Vince in Midnight

You really should own a pair of DL1961s. They are the jeans you will wear 24/7, that you’ll mourn if you lose, and most importantly, they are the jeans you will always feel and look good in.

Come see us in Shorewood and try on some of our DL1961 selection. Find us here.

July 22, 2014 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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