Stone Rose shirts, courtesy of Stone Rose's Instagram account (@stoneroseshirts)

As we noted in a recent post, the recent surge in demand for men's dress shirts has birthed an outpouring of dress shirts of varying qualities, which makes finding a good dress shirt harder than ever before. That is, unless you know where to look...and who to look for.

One brand to have on your radar is Stone Rose, a line of luxury men's dress shirts that are known as the perfect "work to play" shirt for busy gents who don't have time (or prefer not) to change between the office and the bar.

Stone Rose has the qualities that make up any luxury brand: expert craftsmanship, solid construction, fine fabric, flattering fits, and durability. What makes them unique is their aesthetic. It's a little bit Miami, because that's where the company is based, and also a bit Don Draper, because of their modern, slimmer fits.

"Stone Rose makes fresh, on-trend dress shirts that men of any generation can wear. The younger guys can sport the flashier patterns, and for the older or just more classic guys, Stone Rose has a number options that are traditional but with a modern edge. No matter who the wearer is, though, the quality of a Stone Rose shirt is exceptional," says Tim Ryan, President and CEO of Harleys the Store for Men.

Find your Stone Rose shirts here at Harleys. Find us here.

January 31, 2015 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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