Gentlemen of Shorewood, are you adequately stocked with sweaters for this fall and winter? If not, we highly suggest you come into Harleys today and sample our St. Croix Heritage Collection of men’s sweaters. St. Croix, a men’s knitwear maker, makes some of the best sweaters from here to Europe.

(As we’ve mentioned before, the founder of St. Croix, Bernhard Brenner, once said of his sweaters, “You cannot, at any price, from any source in the world, buy a better sweater. You can only pay more.” You have to appreciate his confidence, right?)

St. Croix’s Heritage Collection pays tribute to natural, raw materials, which make for the softest and warmest sweaters. This is because natural fabrics, like cashmere, tend to provide better insulation and are less bulky than synthetic fabrics engineered for warmth.

In colder weather, a look that is practical and stylish is the mark of a truly fashion savvy guy, and the easiest way to achieve this dual look is to go for natural fabrics that provide warmth and still look sleek. Because, as we mentioned, St. Croix sweaters are made from the best natural and raw fabrics, they are ideal for a functional-fashionable look.

Also, a St. Croix sweater can carry you from the street to the office to Thanksgiving dinner, no wardrobe changes necessary.

Comfortable, warm, sophisticated, and versatile. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Don’t get caught in the cold this season. Come into Harleys and we will help you pick out some sweaters, cardigans or vests from the St. Croix Heritage collection.

Find us here. We look forward to seeing you.

October 25, 2014 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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