Did you grow up on those fat bulging skater shoes and are now looking for something a little more polished? Whether you were an actual skater, or just liked the look, skater shoes can be very comfortable, stylish, and can make for enhanced skateboarding. But there comes a time when all young men have to give up their skater shoes, even if it’s just temporarily for a specific event, and when that’s the case, SeaVees plimsole-style shoes are mens fashion accessories that bridge the gap nicely.

When looking for mens shoes in Shorewood, SeaVees have many of the same design features that can be found in skater shoes, but in a slimmer, sleeker, more sophisticated style. While bringing all the casualness and comfort of those shoes you grew up wearing, SeaVees also look just a touch more polished. This makes them perfect for that event in which wearing skaters wouldn’t be appropriate, or just when you feel like it’s time for a look that’s a little more mature.

There have been several different brand names and labels that have tried to do what SeaVees plimsoles do so perfectly – bridge the gap between skater and sophisticated, and go from punk to polished. Skater shoes and Seavees both have their own time and place. And when you’re done at the skate park and need to find better menswear in Shorewood, come see us at Harleys. We have all kinds of SeaVees summer canvas shoes that will keep you casual, comfortable, and in the style that you’re accustomed to!


April 27, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Shoes

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