Have you ever tried on an outfit and thought it looked too blah? Then added a belt and been delighted by the huge difference it made? It’s true. Having the right belt is having the best men fashion accessories that you could own. But even with this wardrobe staple there comes some rules. So that you can boast about your belt, not try to hide it.

First, deal with the buckle. Ideally you should have at least one belt that has a simple metal buckle, without the addition of your initials, logos, or that look as though you just took first place in the rodeo. These types of buckles are good for certain occasions, and will look great when spending a day hunting or on an equestrian farm. But for those times when you’re heading out to the office or to a social gathering (far away from the campfire,) you’re going to need something a little more basic, and a little more conservative.

Also remember to size your belt, and this includes making sure that it’s a good fit around your waist. Place the belt in pants that you plan to wear with it, and make sure that it has several remaining holes after you’ve cinched it up. Also make sure that the belt fills the belt loops, but that it also doesn’t overfill it creating a ‘stuffed’ look that’s not attractive.

To ensure that you’re always looking your best, also ensure that you always choose designer menswear belts. The ones we like best are those from Robert Graham, WKleinberg, and Martin Dingman – and we have all of them in stock!

June 24, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Accessories

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