When it comes to mens fashion accessories many think that you throw on a nice watch and a good pair of shoes, and you’re good to go. But mens luxury clothing is also all about those other little touches – the details that turn an outfit from ordinary to outstanding. And sometimes, are just downright practical. Here are some accessories, beyond watches and shoes, that you simply must have.

The white handkerchief
Whether you’re using it as a tissue, a pocket square, or a napkin, having a white handkerchief (or two) somewhere on you is always keeping yourself in style – and ready for any of life’s messes.

The double duty briefcase
You can forget about those hard-shell, combination lock briefcases your dad used to carry around. Today’s working man needs something that’s small enough to stash his laptop in for the office, but also roomy enough to also keep an extra pair of clothes in for those out of town weekend conferences. Robert Graham has a great collection dedicated solely to bags such as these.

The reversible belt
Belts typically come in two basic colors – brown and black (unless you’re going for something really bold!) So it only make sense to free up storage room (and room in that bag) by incorporating them both into one reversible belt that will match any outfit you throw on with it. And it’s something every man must have.

Watches and shoes are great fashion accessories to get you started. But when you need those finishing little touches that top of an outfit, and provide for practical use, make sure these ones also don’t go overlooked!


February 18, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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