Shoes are one of those mens fashion accessories that every guy thinks about, even if we’re not as obsessed about it as our female counterparts. Mens shoes Shorewood come in hundreds of different styles, models, and colors; and should you choose, you really can wear a different pair for every mood and every occasion. But what about when you’re looking for just that one basic pair that will go with everything – and without too much thought behind it?

The answer is the black lace-up shoe.

The basic black leather lace-up shoe is a classic, and can never be worn wrong. Many men make the mistake of thinking of this shoe as a dress shoe, and that’s their first mistake. If you choose a pair that’s free of tassels or other embellishments, these shoes can be just as good for the club as they can be for the office; and they’ll always keep you in fine style.

Remember when choosing a black lace-up to choose one that has a rounded, but not pointed, toe. Square toes went out with rubber soles, and pairing the square with the black lace-up will take away from the polished, streamlined look you’re going for.

When you need to find that perfect black lace-up, or it’s time to expand your horizons and start finding that pair for every mood and occasion, come see us at Harleys. We are the experienced mens apparel store, and we can help find the perfect pair for you!

February 12, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Shoes

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