Fashion denim for men is always in style, no matter the time of the year or the season. But when you get tired of wearing the same old blue jeans, you can mix it up by not just changing the cut, but also changing the color. And this
year, some of the best designers have reached into the rainbow to bring out the colors that will bring out the best you this summer.

When it’s bright and bold that you’re after, nobody does it better than Agave Denim. Choose from turquoises, bright salmon colors, oranges, and lime greens, to name just a few. When you want to make a statement, and you want to do it with denim, Agave is a great choice to make.

If you’re looking for color, but you also want something a little understated, both AG collections and Citizens for Humanity have something for you. With these pairs of colored denim, you’ll get olive greens, neutral grays, and rusty reds. Citizens of Humanity even has designs that come in bright baby blue, for those days you feel like being just a bit bolder.

When you’re looking to spruce up your denim this season, come see us at Harleys. We are a Citizens for Humanity retailer Milwaukee, and we have tons of AG and Agave designs too! Come see what we have to brighten up your summer today!

June 06, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Denim

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