Designer denim has become the norm among well-heeled men, so much so that even lived-in looking jeans that you wear while changing your car’s oil are now among the denim elite. No brand knows casual-chic denim better than Joe’s, a California-based men and women’s clothing line.

California style is definitely channeled into Joe’s jeans, evidenced by their organic, lived-in aesthetic. But their jeans also feature another facet of California style: high quality, big-city attention to detail and construction. Even a pair of Joe’s with deliberate holes in the knees is made with expert craftsmanship.

Harleys in Shorewood carries two styles of Joe’s jeans:

1. Straight Leg Classic

A 5-pocket, mid-rise straight-leg jean that is perfect for work, weekend and evening wear.

Joe's Straight Leg Classic in Kellen Joe's Straight Leg Classic in Kellen

2. Straight+Narrow Brixton

Like the Straight Leg, the Brixton is also a classic silhouette and is straight from hip to ankle. It’s one of Joe’s best selling styles.

Joe's Jeans Straight + Narrow Brixton in Milton

Come try on our Joe’s jeans today. Find us here. We look forward to seeing you.

February 27, 2015 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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