When it comes to mens fashion accessories, the bow tie still reigns king as being the most popular. And while it’s usually how to tie them that gets men hung up, the size is another common area where men stumble and find a lot of difficulty. So, how do you size the bow tie?

Freestyle bow ties, those that you tie yourself; and pre-tied bow ties, ones that are already tied, are typically sized for neck widths of 15 ½ to 17 ½ inches. However you can find made to measure bow ties if those sizes don’t fit what you need. There are also children’s sizes available, usually also standard sizes, for young men that want to take part in wedding ceremonies as ring-bearers, or other special events. Clip-on bow ties, for both men and boys, are usually standard one-size-fits-all sizes, as they don’t wrap around the neck.

Width, not just the size, also needs to be taken into consideration when choosing your bow tie. Standard bow ties, also called slimline, have loops that go both above and below the center knot; these are usually about 2 ½ inches tall. Butterfly, also called jumbo bow ties, typically have loops that stand far above the center knot, and are usually about 3 ½ inches tall.

Bow ties may look like a simple fashion accessory, but there’s a lot to know behind that bow. When you need advice on the sizing of your bow tie, or anything else, visit us at Harleys – the better menswear Shorewood!


August 07, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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