Men who love to look good know that jeans are more than just jeans and if you don’t pick the right pair, you can look unkempt and sloppy. Proper fit is essential to getting the right pair of jeans, but fashion denim for men has an especially sophisticated and elegant look to them that can completely transform the look of an ordinary pair of jeans. But men can often be confused as to what to wear with these jeans. Nicer than regular jeans, are they meant to be worn with dress shoes? Or is the casual look still appropriate?

Generally, any type of shoes can be worn with jeans – no matter what kind of jeans they are or what label is affixed inside of them. Boots and casual sneakers are always a natural pairing with jeans, but lug soles, sandals, and loafers will work, too. Although the general rule of thumb is to match your shoes to your pants, this isn’t the case with jeans. When wearing jeans, you should actually match the style of the shoes with the style of the shirt. So when wearing a t-shirt, casual shoes are appropriate, while loafers or dress shoes are more appropriate with dressier shirts.

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May 16, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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