It can seem like one of the worst things in the world when you’ve spent a good deal of money on designer menswear, and then stain it with coffee, wine, or even just dirt and debris that the suit picks up on its own during the day. Hop online and you’ll find a thousand and one ways to get just about any kind of stain out of any kind of material. But when it’s your luxury mens clothing you’re talking about, you should never try any of these. Instead, take that stain to your nearest dry cleaner.

Many of the home remedies that can be found to get stains out of clothing can severely harm the fabric of metro Milwaukee mens formalwear. Even the most gentle remedies, which are unfortunately also some of the most popular, such as vinegar and baking soda, can damage many different kinds of materials. Whether they eat away at and leave holes, or leave a stain of their own, the chances are good that after using one of these treatments, you still won’t be able to wear your suit again.

Dry cleaners have high-technology processes and methods for cleaning the finest men’s clothing, and they’re accustomed to treating the fabric with the utmost and gentlest care. While you may not want to shell out the cost of dry-cleaning, you might be surprised at how affordable it’s become, and it’s the only way to protect a good investment like a great suit.

June 11, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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